Nov 4, 2010

An Infants Insight: Barriers

When all seems so unclear and uncertain, I looked at him and he didn't have a care in the world. He just looked out and stared at his puppies. The puppies so far away from him with an invisible barrier that prevented him from getting any closer.

He couldn't possibly comprehend the barrier set before him or even why it was so intent on keeping him from his puppies. All he knew was that it stopped him from going any further.

He stood there and pounded his little hand on the glass. Striking it with what he could muster. Yet to no avail he could not get through this barrier. He looked high then sat and looked low. He crawled to the right and back to the left. It was incomprehensible to this little man as to why he was unable to get to the puppies he loved so much.

As I watched him from my hidden vantage point (on top of the kitchen island out of view) I saw him sit down pick up his letter magnet from the fridge and try to hand it to the dogs who were now near the said invisible barrier. With no success in his actions I expect him to move on to other things or get frustrated and become upset. What I saw not only melted my heart but enlightened my mind.

This Little Guy, My Son, put his hand against the invisible barrier and "touched" the Boxer's nose. He than sat and began to babble on to the Boxer and patiently sat there waiting while the Boxer sat and watched the little guy.

The smile on The Little Guy's face when I opened the glass door to let the pup's in was priceless. The Boxer came in and went straight to The Little Guy and he laughed and grabbed onto the boxer to give her a hug. At which time I had to intervene to prevent an open mouth being licked by a dogs tongue.

It may be I'm getting "Soft" in my old age, or that I'm more sensible to how I really feel. I've likely also way over read the insight this event gave me but I share what I got from this event.

Life isn't about what you can't have or what you can't get to, its about the joyful moments. There will always be invisible barriers between us and what we want. There may even be physical barriers, But the fact of the matter is we can't allow that to keep us from happiness. Sometimes we have to strike out at the barriers in hopes they come down, realizing that the barrier is to strong or even metaphorical we continue. Sometimes we must find alternative ways around the barriers seeing none or even unable to comprehend the size of said barrier we have to take a step back. Sometimes we need to make the best of what our current situation and wait with promise of what will come.

When we find our way past the barrier we must embrace with open arms the figure of our obsession. With joy and happiness we will understand completely that our struggle was worth it

And.....Then Dad will step in and prevent the dog from licking our open mouth :-)

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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