Nov 8, 2010


A few random thought's as of late

The one thing that has always boggled my mind in EMS 
has been the idea that when you pick up the phone and dial
911 to get an Ambulance there is a high chance that
you will get a provider well under the age of twenty five.

Ice Hockey is a great sport, but I'd like to take it up a notch 
by adding sharks under the ice.

If your driving a Rascal scooter and are drinking scotch
can you be pulled over for a DUI?

What if team mascots weren't actually people in costumes?

I Miss You...

Is the "Case of the Monday's" an actual diagnosis

If video killed the radio star, then what killed the video star? Reality TV?

What would Reminiscing about Reminiscing be like?

Why does All State insurance have a disclaimer 
about not being available in all states?

Why do people always come in from the cold and complain
that its cold out, it is winter after all, its supposed to be!

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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