About Me

Originally I began this Blog after the birth of my son, I wanted him to know about everything I do and about everything that has happened to me. I want him to know that all the sacrifices I make are for him and his mother, and that as long as I have provided for him its not in vein. I figured I may be an absent minded geriatric when he got to be the age where he could really appreciate the tales of his father. So I began this solely for his benefit, but have since began to realize its immense therapeutic abilities like so many others who have come before me. I felt I should reach out with my creativity to those who may appreciate the tales I tell. I still keep my anonymity in my blog because the stories are not unique to my self. This blog has never been, nor ever will be about me. It is possible anyone can relate to these stories and therefore anyone could have written this story. I may have taken experiences from providers all across NY and from all levels of care in order to create these tails set before you. Some of the tales set forth may not have even occurred. Rather, they are a mere interpretation of a thought or concept from with in the mind of the author. I hope you can relate and know you are not the only one who experiences the trials and tribulations of EMS.

Again to those who know my true identity, it is not about me. Rather about the joy this job has brought to me creatively, socially, and therapeutically. I hope I may return the favor this job has given to me by giving the smile back to all the readers of this blog. With all the seriousness of our life in EMS sometimes we just need to see the humor. 

Follow along as I take the journey through the profession known as Emergency Medical Services. I'll Share stories of hope, sadness, and most of all all the funny things in this EMS life of ours. 

Be Safe 
Ambulance Junkie