Aug 21, 2010

The Girl

She has walked this side walk hundreds of times before, but never quite like this. She is a young girl, only six years of age, a cute girl, innocent and sweet. She walks this sidewalk gazing upon it as though she's never seen it before. She feels lost and alone as she walks this side walk she has hundreds of times before.

She walks with a small suitcase beside her then she waits to cross the street. She seems to be alone, as she carries her suit case next to her in the cross walk. She disappears from view as she passes in front of my rig. She reappears pulling her Hello Kitty luggage, she walks with her small suitcase beside her.

She's not alone, for she holds her teddy by its arm. She stops on the curb and sets her luggage down. She tucks her teddy into her arm and looks around her, unsure of what to do next. She looks infront of her but does not know where to go or who to ask. She's not alone, she has her Teddy she holds tucked in her arm.

I know she's run away from home, but I dont know her reason why. I can't sit by and wait to understand her reason. I have an obligation to help this child, even if she doesn't know she needs help. There is some one missing their child. I know she's run away from home, doesn't matter the reason why.

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