Aug 23, 2010

What Would I teach Lizzie?

-The Handover-EMS Blog Carnival Aug. Submission-

So your proficient in your skills, able to back board with the best of them. Fully capable of putting on a traction splint, vacuum splint and can sling and swath a shoulder. You've studied all the acronyms needed, DCAP-BTLS, PERRL, SAMPLE, and have a solid understanding of their use as it pertains to the patient.

You have a sound understanding that majority of calls will fall in the "grey realm". You'll have some black & white calls laid before you, but over all you'll have an unproportional amount of grey calls. Understanding that once on the streets the clinical decision making is in your hands. You do not solely rely on your initial education, rather the trends in EMS you have been continually researching and the Con Ed classes participated in.

When all else fails Lizzie, you know when to call for help. People become afraid to show weakness in this line of work, but don't be. The simple fact is the nature of the beast that is medicine is ever changing and progressing. It is impossible to be on the cutting edge of every single change in EMS, but hopefully some one else may have the knowledge where you haven't gotten to yet. We must never forget that we are serving for one single reason, and that is to do whats best by the patient. Sometimes that means to ask for help, but you know that already.

Solid fundamentals, capable clinical decision making skills, and the ability to admit to one's self that you need help. That pretty much covers the whole lot of attributes a newly carded EMT will need for the field, and you have them.

So what do I hope I've taught Lizzie? Keep your sense of humor girl! This Career/Stepping stone/Hobby/Calling surrounds us with people having the worst day of their life potentially. We are always in the thick of their crisis, and are the ones they have summoned to help. That is a lot of pressure on an individual, to be the sole saver of life, the Grand Puba of help. the Sultan of Assistance. In order to maintain our sanity we have to be able to keep our sense of humor. Humor is really just a matter of perspective after all. When in the appropriate times it lightens our moods and gives us that little extra to make it another call.

But I'm sure you already knew that Lizzie, you were always a great student.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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