Mar 28, 2011


Its finally time to share my news.
I'm packing my things and headed to a new home.
Well the Blog is actually

It will now be at

I will be forwarding this blog spot address to my new domain in a few days
so you will be able to get to my new place through this site still.

I'm hoping to make things easy for folks who already follow my feed by forwarding that also.

And for any of the Kindle readers I am trying to do the leg work so that also gets a smooth
transition to the new site.

Its still a work in progress but it is up and running.
So I hope you continue to follow me to my new home.

As always thank you for your support

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie


  1. Thanks Shell, that means so much. After all you are a great reposter of the twitter feed and have gotten me much more exposure.