Mar 15, 2011


The excitement of relentless searching for the object of my affection, looking high and low for items I only use a fraction of my life. The enjoyment of planning my life out in detail to the clothes I will be wearing is like heaven to me. Having to decide how to cram all this stuff into one half of a duffel bag to cut down on packing space is what I dream about at night. That is why I loath the concept of vacation packing. Its also inevitable that I will forget something, this trip alone I forgot a belt for pants, and a coat, time before I forgot my pillow and sunglasses. The joy of packing for me is only dwarfed by the enthusiasm I have towards unpacking. 

Getting back to the grind after vacation is as complicated as getting ready to go on the trip. Nothing is where it was before we left, and getting out the door on time was impossible for my first day back. My ID tags which lay on the counter along with my pens find themselves in drawers. My boots usually sit next to the front door, but when we go on vacation they find themselves in the closet. Let me rephrase this, getting out the door was the easy part but the problem lays with how many times I had to run back in to get something I forgot. I do not mind picking up before leaving for vacation, after all with no one in the house it totally needs to be straightened up.  

It baffles my mind when I have to figure where the correct place for all my gear is, no matter. I grabbed what I needed and obviously am hoping I do not need that what I forgot. I will be ready to go next week, I'm still gearing up this week.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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  1. You are just like my husband...while the rest of us are smiling at the airport....he is popping prilosecs like pez and stressing. Hope you have peace of mind. Oh and congrats on going .com!