Jun 1, 2010

"Ambulance Chaser"

We all know some one who says they are going to write a book about Life in EMS, I my friends am no exception. Here is just a taste of the adventures:

I was dispatched to assist an out of county agency enroute to the Cardiac Center with a full arrest. We headed up the interstate and set to rendezvous just outside the city limits. Sitting there I had no idea what was in store for my medic let alone what was in store for me. As the ambulance pulled up to meet us on the shoulder of the highway we approched with all our ALS Gear. My Medic climbed into the Patient compartment from the side door with his ET kit, I opened the back door and went to place the Drug bag and monitor in. Just as the drug bag was about to touch the floor I noticed something very unusual, The ambulance my medic was now in was progressively getting farther and farther away. Now this is such an unusual and rare occurance for me that I didnt know what to do in the moment. My Medic was in the Big Red ambulance racing away from me down the highway, while I was still holding the Drug bag and Monitor. So what does any self respecting EMT do in that situation? Run! Run down the shoulder chasing the ambulance that is speeding away. Now in retrospect, I fully realize that I had absolutely no chance in catching a motorized vehicle hasten away from me, but I sure gave it "the old college try". Holding the monitor in my right hand and the drug bag in my left I give chase to the ambulance, tractor trailers racing by me at 75MPH. The ambulance finally came to a stop and allowed me to catch up, with back door still open I see a glimpse of Chaos. A peirced IV bag swaying in the background of the rig, soaked providers, and a look of terror in my medics eyes. I gladly place the Drug bag and Monitor inside the rig and with a giant smile on my face look at my medic and tell him "Have Fun" and slam the back door to the ambulance. "Glad I'm not in that mess" I think to myself as I turn back to get in my rig and I realize how far a walk I have left to get back to it. I had plenty of time to laugh at the thought of what the tractor trailer drivers must have seen while jetting by my adventure.
Be Safe!
-Ambulance Junkie

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