Jun 1, 2010

A Lady on her horse

Now as stories go, this is by far the oddest one I have (to date)
It was a late summers day, I was sitting at our East posting location enjoying the nice weather and the Park walkers when we got a Poll for a call. Responding down the highway me and my partner joked about what fun we could have in this distant village of our county. 28 miles to travel just to reach the village's limits you have plenty of time to talk and joke even reminisce about the time we blew out a tire on the highway as we passed the very location. We are told by the county dispatcher that theres no response from the local ambulance and we would likely be handling the call. My partner and I both being from the Urban area of our county are fairly unfamiliar with the distant village let alone its outer lying residance's. We are solely relying on the GPS as we head out of the village and into the country we know we are being cut off from communications. Down side of being "out there" is no radio no cell phone. We turn up a road as the GPS instructs and notice that the pavement turns to stone and GPS informs us our destination is .5miles away. I suddenly begin to take in our surroundings and question the validity of our location in the deep thick pine forest when we come to a stop sign, "OK at least we are still in Civilization" my partner says. "Turn left" the GPS says, as we comply we head down what we think is the Patient's driveway. A long dirt road, tire ruts surrounded with tall grass and thick shrubs. "I bet the house is just over that knoll" I think in a fleeting sense of despiration. We crest the knoll to reveal more thick forrest trailway, but we see a pick up truck in the near distance as we approach we realize that the road we are driving on is nothing more than a logging trail through this forest. "I dont think we're in Kansas anymore" my partner chuckles, "we just passed the one hour mark for a response time" I tell him as we both begin to laugh in a frantic manor. We get turned around on the logging road in hopes to head back to a paved road we out of a little side road we see a dog followed by a large white horse. In amazment we stop and realize there is a lady on said horse. She approaches us with a simple grin says " boys aint from 'round here" We smile and ask for help. The lady then proceeds to tell us she'll lead us to the entrance of the state park and get us back on the road we needed to be on to find the house. "Yaaa" she shouts as the horse begins to gallop up the road, "What choice do we have but to follow the Lady on the horse?" I ask my partner, "If we hear Banjo's, dont stop just keep going" he states. She stops and waves us by, rolling up to her she tells us to take that path to the left and its the road we are looking for. "Thanks" we exclaim, out of the forest we go never looking back.

Be safe
Ambulance junkie

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