Jun 20, 2010

Fathers Day

With Fathers day upon us I thought I'd take a minute to tell you how I did not follow my fathers foot steps into a life of service or even how I started in the fire company after being taken on a call when I was younger. A matter of fact I am a first generation Fire Fighter which my father joined after I was already in, and I'm the only one in EMS in my immediate family. I can tell you that my Father is the hardest working man I know, though he may not have been the greatest teacher he instilled in me a work ethic and desire to advance at everything I do. My father has not made the best career choices and has been dealt many hardships in his professional life but he has always been able to provide for his family. At times working two jobs to put my older siblings through college, I would only see him for 30min at the dinner table. I felt shortened of his time and grew distant. My father and I have become closer with the years, and I have realized why he worked like he did, It all became relevant once I had the arrival of my son six months ago. For that I thank my Dad, Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there.
Be Safe out there!!
Ambulance Junkie

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