Jan 1, 2011

New Years Resolution

Now that the booze has flowed, the clock struck midnight you've gotten that new years kiss and the ball has dropped its officially the event we have all been waiting for. A new year for us to reform our ways, make a resolution to make our selves better. Its a unique opportunistic time that comes along in a rare 365days, just like the one before or the one before that or..um...the one before that one? Enough of the cynicism! Its a new year after all! A new slate with promises to break to our selves try really hard to keep going for a year. It allows us to lie to the ones who know us the best, the ones in the mirror and try real hard to change something about ourselves. This year we'll promise to hit the gym, kick that habit in order to quite smoking, cut our carbon footprint, recycle more, loose weight, car pool more, use public transit, achieve that goal of being more organized or other lies life changes we come up with.

If you haven't picked up on it yet, I do not believe in the all mighty power of the new years resolution. Nor have I in many, many years. I have no intention to stop being my sarcastic self, finding objects of amusement causing me to laugh (even at the expense of others), or even will I resolve to care more about petty things. I also have no intention of publicly making fun of people, pushing old folks down on street corners, stealing, or hitting anyone over the head with a Nine Iron.

I don't feel any need to resolve to change something that is making me who I am, much like I wouldn't resolve to start a R.A.P sheet for myself and ruin my "good" name. Now don't read this and think that I am totally against this holiday created by calender companies to market a product that you could make at home. I do appreciate the newness that the new year brings.

The new year is filled with potential, that new car smell of opportunity so to speak. The chance to start a new and go achieve the goals you have set for your self.

So if you have to resolve or just set goals to achieve in this fresh year best of luck to you. I hope this year is the year of action for all of us. Enough talk of what we want to do with our lives or our careers or our passions, this year is the year to make the move. Lets lay it all on the table and go all in, we have the mindset now lets have the success.

Happy New Year and all its potential.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie


  1. I just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog on my Kindle. My husband is also a Paramedic and we can really relate to your entries. Thanks for sharing. We have a new tradition of reading our fave blogs before bed nightly...one of them being yours :-)


  2. Well thank you so very much! I appreciate the kind words. Thanks for the support too