Jan 31, 2011

A Tale of Passing Ships

To My Wife:

A ship is docked in port sheltered from the rampant storms rolling through the seas. This ship is beautiful and she is illustrious, known through the world for her abilities to handle any job near or far, a true jewel in the world of sailing. Her sails new and pristine, always the one of fashion. Her rigging made of gold, always polished to a shine. She is the pride of the shipping fleet. In the serene waters of the harbor she is calm and still, with her crew at rest, anticipation of tomorrows journey only just dreams as the light of the moon shimmers on her deck. Set to sail at dawn, she sits waiting, hoping that her companion ship will arrive safe in the harbor before the early dawn.

Her companion ship forever sailing the seas of night, navigating the vast emptiness of the ocean by starlight. Pushing through the waves and fighting through the storms which try to blow it off course. Heading to the same port of call known as home where she sits. He is weathered and battered from the struggles at sea. His crew worn and tired but always pressing forward, with patched sails and improvised rigging they have nothing to show but their love of the sailing life. No treasure, no goods, just stories and tales of the adventure on the high seas to pass on in port.

With dawn approaching the entrance to the harbor is in sight, out of food rations and the last few ounces of water left he catches a southerly breeze into the protection of the bay. At last he will see his beloved companion and the life at sea will have been worth it. But alas his beauty is no longer docked, on the horizon sails her silhouette as the morning light breaks over the ocean.

The mere glimmer of her silhouette on the horizon renews his affection to his companion ship. This life of passing may not be ideal but they are in it together and together they will be.

Ambulance Junkie

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