Sep 17, 2010

Addition to my Digital Imprint

I'm sure it has already been coined but I haven't yet found an actually definition. So, I have to go by my opinion of the meaning and concept. So here we go, 

Digital Imprint: Your individual and distinctive influence of self or brand though the various outlets available on the internet. For Example Web Page's, Social Media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and/or Blogs. 

Like the term? Yes? No? 
It is fashioned after the idea of a Carbon footprint.

Anyway's I have added to my Digital Imprint in hopes to extend my slight influence and input on this ever changing world.

You may have noticed the Like button on the upper right hand column of the blog. Which I hope, is linked to the new Facebook Fan page for the Blog. It will soon also be added to the Digital Imprint page of the blog. 

I hope you find time to click the Like button and share the Fan page and ultimately the Blog with your various EMS networks and friends.

If not its OK, Because the true trason behind this Blog is so my son knows the kind of Father he has.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie