Sep 14, 2010

Vegas Series: The Prologue

"Vegas?" I jokingly pondered.
"Yeah it'd be fun" says Fly Boy. "think of it as a Man'cation"
"Wait...Vegas? like Las Vegas? Sin City?"
"Ya!! End of this month" Fly Boy burst out in excitement.
"Vegas" I say with confidence

 I hadn't really consider the proposition as usual, it was more the off the wall idea we entertained. This time was different though, it felt right. Why not? I thought, and as simple as that, we began to get excited. A trip away from the grind of work, away from this east coast existence. Fly Boy, Nerf Herder, and myself meeting up in NYC with Fidney and flying out to Sin City to hook up with M.S who now lived in Henderson. The five of us reuniting for the first time in a couple of years. We weren't age old friends, but we had all developed and honed our EMS skills together for a time. While we were traveling so far we'd of course take the time to head to Yosemite through Death Valley to flex our need for the out doors. See some sites, place some bets, and Fly Boy could even see his Grizzly bear he was so obsessed with.

It was a trip of a life time, and in all honesty it was the best thing to ever happen to me besides my bride and my son. It was just one of those moments that I was fully capable of letting go of control and decided to just go with the flow. The last time I truly did that was when I began dating the girl that became the love of my life, who is now the Mrs. Who, by the way was the ultimate decision

The antics we are known for carried over into our Man'cation and lead to some rather precarious moments. Whether in the NYC, aboard the air plane, in Las Vegas or Yosemite National Park we were never far from a laugh.

I hope you enjoy this sliver into my life outside of EMS.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie