Sep 25, 2010


He's pushed down the hallway, under the the static glow of the white florescent lights. Surrounded by a team of  immaculately gowned people, with there identity hidden by mask's like super hero's. He's pushed through the doors into the sterilized room and moved to the table. Draped and prepped, the scalpel in hand the choice has been made. He decided a long time ago that when the time came he would leave a lasting gift to the world. He had signed his donor card against his families wishes. He understood the consequence of his actions, though he felt a stronger conviction for some one in need. Besides its not as though he needed the organs any more. His Family only disagreed for because of their faith, not morally, or ethically rather only religiously.

The phone rings late at night, its the hospital. The news they have been waiting for, they have a match. His little girl is getting her new heart today. He begins to shake with the anticipation and his nerves get the best of him. He sits on the bed and wells up with emotions as his wife approaches him with concern. He tells her the news and she begins to cry unable to hold back the joy. They wake their daughter and tell her to get ready. "Ready Father?" she asks. "Your getting a gift from God" he answers. Father picks up the phone and calls our station, telling us that the hospital in the city has the transplant. We have been waiting for for this day as much as the family it feels like.

We respond to pick up our patient, a twelve year old girl who has already battled more than her fair share. We escort her to the stretcher and load her in, grab her bags from Father and secure them in the rig. This is a magical day for this family and they deserve the red carpet. We are off to the city with this precious cargo, she is in no hurry due to distress but it is a time sensitive matter.

The organ has been harvested along with other companions, and loaded up for transportation. They are taking off from a small rural airport with their respective handlers. Anticipated by numerous people, Patients, Mothers, Fathers, Son's, Daughter's, Doctors, Nurses, and so on from across the east coast.

The weight of the situation is not lost on anyone who is touched by this call. In order for this young girl to have a chance of a more normal existence a life had to be lost. Think about the sacrifice made and the commitment to a cause that would only be fulfilled after your life has ended. That is a cause I can get behind.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie