Sep 16, 2010

Vegas Series: Fidney's Surprise!

We were all boarding the plane and preparing to fly out of Vegas that morning. All taking our respective seats, I in the back quarter of the plane, isle seat with Nerf Herder the opposite isle side one row back. Fly Boy a row in front of me with his window seat and Fidney, likely still hung over, four rows up center seat. We were all muttering amongst our selfs of the fact that Las Vegas could be swallowed by the desert and we wouldn't care at all.

The welcome passengers greeting comes over the Jet Blue speaker system, along with notice of free movies extended to us all today due to a passenger having gum stuck on her seat. The Pilot, who likely was a former Red Bull aerial acrobatic pilot, tells of likely catching a great tail wind from the jet stream and cutting flight time down dramatically. Every passenger settling in for the trip to JFK. When suddenly from the quite comes a boisterous groan of disbelief.

"OH SHIT!" I hear, along with the rest of the plane.
"WHAT The Fuck" coming from a few rows up.
"I do not remember ordering that" Don't let it be him I remember thinking.
"THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!" Comes exploding from the center seat four rows in front of me.
"Oh shit" I whisper through the seats to Fly Boy, ducking my head out of sight. I hear the faint giggling of Nerf Herder a row back.
"Think Fidney found the receipts" Fly Boy poses towards me as he slouches in his seat.
"I think so" replying as I glance over my shoulder at Nerf Herder who has assumed the proverbial airline's crashing position.
"A HUNDRED FIFTY!!" causing us to smirk and peak over the seats up in Fidney's general location.
"I did not order all this, No way in hell. Fly Boy what is this all about?"
"Um..." Fly Boy studder's "She really liked Appletini's?"
"She? Thirteen Dollar martini's Fly Boy!"
"NO, Actually they were Appletini's, and She really liked them" Not a valid argument from Fly Boy but a sarcastic and valiant effort.
"I don't remember ordering all of this for you guys last night?" a dumb founded Fidney says
"Well you didn't technically, Tatiana was not going to let us, But Ambulance Junkie kinda charmed her into it." Fly Boy jest's.
"Hey!" I utter "N.H and M.S helped too, I'm not only to blame here"
"Wait, Wait, Wait, Who's Tatiana?" Fidney wonders.
"Our Lounge Server from last night" We all chuckle.

As Fidney danced him self frantic last night, We had all been enjoying our lounge singer and being the life of the party. We had realized that Fidney had opened a tab, intended for himself, on our table. With a little sweet talking and over whelming peer pressure we had convinced out super nice Russian Lounge server to bring a round of drinks for the lot of us. Our group of five quickly included a group of three ladies we made small talk with. One of which was a mid forty's female who's father was the first Battalion chief of a major west coast metropolitan area. Needless to say our conversation was strongly centered around Fire and EMS. Our conversation continued and so did the rounds of drinks, including the Appletini's for the Chiefs daughter.

Fidney ever unknowing the booze which did flow thanks to him, well until he had to rummage through his pockets on the flight that is.