Sep 29, 2010

I just don't know

I told my self that I would restrain my posts in order to extend the duration of my thoughts.
After all I fear the inevitable writers block.


I have been racking my brain tonight about what to do, and had to put it in writing. 
Where do I see this Blog going?

 I mean after all I started with the simple goal of creating a chronicle of my life and thoughts for my son. I don't really know the fix I have about creating this digital documentation for him, but its something i felt compelled to do. I think it all stems from the uncertainty I feel about life since he's blessed me. I don't mean getting cynical here but the birth of my little man as shed light on the frailty of life. Not to mention the complex and at some time over whelming feelings of my parental abilities or lack there of. I want him to know that the sacrifices that I endure are solely for him and his mother. Do I enjoy working the nights? Not really I'd rather his mother and I put him to bed together every night. As usual I've digressed.

I guess where I'm going here is that I have had enough positive feed back that I feel this obscure hobby has made me feel I could offer more to this world of EMS. In order to offer more, I'd have to theoretically increase my visibility....right? Though I am farther along then I ever expected (which may be part of the dilemma) I don't feel I'm in the D-list of influence and far from the C-list. Does it matter even, would I lose sight of the initial purpose of the blog, or inspire my son from the step forward I took.

I don't know if I get on board the "networked site" boat  which I have been offered 
 stay on my own island and see what happens.

I could sure use any and all comments about insight here from any readers who may have gone through similar feelings or have words of wisdom to settle my thoughts. 

Any advise would greatly appreciated from the Grand Pu-bas of the Blog-o-sphere if I am fortunate enough to have them as readers.

Be Safe 
Ambulance Junkie

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