Dec 13, 2010

The Boo-Boo Bunny

Thanks to my great mate over at Scaredy Fish 
I'd like to share this helpful trick with you.
All credit is due to Scaredy Fish for bringing this into my everyday skill set.
Now its not original to him but he taught it to me so I give him credit
A matter of fact this Posting is dedicated to him for teaching me it.
(I kinda asked/stole its Blog use prior to his return to Blogging)

The ambulance is a scary and unfamiliar place for people especially children,
so if there was a way to ease their anxiety while preforming simple treatment and care
should we not strive to accomplish it?

There is the natural psychological first aid effect for children towards stuffed characters,
  Kids typically cling to them for comfort during times of distress.

This can typically be used to our advantage
as a great tool to disguise an intervention such as an Ice pack, or Blow by Oxygen.

"Hold the bunny on the boo boo." 
"Make sure you hug the bunny"

Items needed: Standard Hospital Towel
2 or 3inch Tape
a Sharpie or marker.
Ice Pack/ Oxygen Mask

The instructions are simple.

1. Lay the towel out

2. Fold the corners in 

 3. Roll tightly

4. Tape the edge

5. Bend into a U shape

6. Twist the ends to form ears

7. Tape around the base of the ears 
This creates the face and keeps the ears formed

8. Draw your best cute bunny face, remember triangle noses
Smiles are nice, no teeth.

You can put an ice pack in the hole in the belly 
and wrap the body in another towel to create a cold pack they will hold on the injury

Works wonders for holding O2 masks, 
just insert from the bottom of the belly out the back and its instant blow by oxygen.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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