Dec 20, 2010

Over Simplified?

While fueling the rig I saw the sign above, which raised a thought. Doesn't the use of a Credit or Debit card negate the "payer" as Cash Customers? So is this sigh really necessary than? Frankly should this over simplification of a concept have to be this redundant within such a small space?

Obviously if we have to have such a sign even exist, which obviously we do, it really needs to be quite large. The individuals it is intended for aren't going to see this misplaced signpost plastered to the steel support beam of the gas station. Rather they need an enormous neon sign on top of the building that asks a simple question and then will answer it for them (No thinking involved): USING CASH? PREPAY. Maybe add additional blinking lights, flashing arrows to point at the glowing neon light pollution. That way Joe Public is drawn to the sigh much like bugs to a light, they'll ask them selves "Am I using cash?...Hmmm...Yes I will have to use cash to buy my gas today, what of it? Oh I understand, I must Prepay"

So that got me thinking about some of the people I've had the pleasure of training over the years. The ones who didn't see the giant neon sign above the stations which read's "You don't know it all, apply within, we teach"  The fresh out of Basic class, who already working their way through the Medic Class with out an ounce of real exposure, new hire. By the time they are getting out of the Medic class they are so full of them selves and how well they have the book knowledge down that a little basic, such as myself, is nothing more than the proverbial "Ambulance Driver"or the "Bitch" to do all the crap calls.

Granted, I may not almost be done with the eighteen months (or less) of schooling that you have under your belt that has taught you how to read cardiac rhythms, given you the "skills" to push drugs, start IV's, or intubate a patient, and given you the ability to read protocols. But I do have a couple of years of experience and more calls under my belt than some agencies have in a year.

So it may be advisable to listen to what I have to say, and don't automatically answer "Ya, I know". If I've picked up on something you're doing incorrect or am attempting to refine your hop-scotch assessments, your incoherent patch reports its because its apparent you don't "know"...Ya Know?

So do not brush off the guy who's "just" a Basic that could be the one to save your ass if you ever get cleared as a Medic. Our Basic's are the best assest you could ever have in your bag of tools. Though you are the one with the eighteen months of education, so you tell me; what should our basic's neon signs say?

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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