Oct 10, 2010

The Boy Next Door

You would think that one of the safest places on earth would be living next door to the ambulance station.  I don't mean in the rhetorical sense of next door either, literally twenty feet away, building to building. No matter how close the help was, it wouldn't have made the difference. He never reached out, He must have known we were here. He saw the ambulance's parked in the lot underneath his window. I'm Sure he saw the glow of the lights at night as we backed in the garage. Surely he heard the echoing of the sirens while he watched television. 

Did he not know that there is always some one here? Did he not know that we are well versed in assisting people in need? Depression is a disease like any other. Why did he not reach out to ask for help? It is not his fault that he felt this way, its not something to be blamed for. Was he under that much stress that it blurred his vision of reality? He left this world in a cold and dismal way, in hope to escape the social confines of this world. 
With the last words he uttered to his mother

I'm Sorry

Be Safe 
Ambulance Junkie