Oct 7, 2010

Flaming Dog Doo

Dear Pranking Adolescent's,

       I am a child of the Jack Ass Era, frankly you'd be surprised that the Jack Ass 3D movie coming out isn't the first movie they made. Actually they made two others and heres news for you it was a regular airing Series on MTV, post all music videos but Pre-current "reality" garbage. If those movies have taught me anything it is this: When pulling a prank in todays day and age it is all about doing the next bigger, better thing.

    Flaming bag of dog doo on the front step is not new, nor can it be considered the next big thing. I would think that even the poorest of third world countries have pulled this prank on neighbors to lighten the mood about the state of their economy.

    A few subtle mistakes I noticed in your attempt of hi-jinx. First a burning piece of paper doesn't really invoke panic to a former Volunteer Firefighter of 8yrs who loved going on interior attacks. Second as mentioned above being a child of the Jack Ass Era, I potentially may have partaken in my own amount of pranks though I refuse to confirm or deny such allegations at this time. That being said, flaming bag of dog doo is an obvious and predictable prank thus not accomplishing the mess which was intended. Thirdly if a home has a fence with dogs in the back yard, chances are he's stepped in Dog Doo before and its not a big deal. Lastly you need to commit to the prank!

   For crying out loud, if you expect a guy to run out and stomp on the flaming object on the door step and then get his shoes messy don't drive away in such a hurry that you don't get to watch. The best part of this old time prank is the moment he realizes he stomped on Dog Shit and the panic is replaced by sheer disgust. This is why so many "Older" people feel that your generation lacks the ability to see things through to the end.

Your Unimpressed prankee
Ambulance Junkie

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