Oct 19, 2010

A Mid Fall's Night

The sun has set some time ago,
The night before last,
And all through county not a call was being placed, not even an "I've fallen" 
Ambulance plugged in, wheels ready to roll, hopes of a stroke emergency will soon be here.
EMS providers comfy are all snug in their seats.
Thoughts of diabetics and traumas of past were dancing through medics heads. 
Suddenly with out much warning, came a tap tap tap at the window. 
Waking the snoring dispatcher in such a startle. 
Getting up from my desk, eyes filled with joy, I head to dispatch to see what was the matter.
The glow from the neon light shows us what the noise had been.
Could it be, A patient in need?
A call for help? maybe it is an assault? 
Or maybe a chest pain
But no, it is none of these
Twas a drunk cold urban nomad slurring as he speech.
"Its Nisss un.....warmth and conthy."
Looking for a warm place to stay no doubt on this chilly fall night.
The aroma of booze lingered off his breath
Before we had a moment to think the door opened again
In came the officer to escort our late night visitor away to his sleigh
"I'll take him" he said with a jolly chuckle
With a spring in his step, and away with his catch
"Sorry to disturb you and have a good night"

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie