Oct 28, 2010

Vegas Series: Don't leave a man behind.

I still remember it like yesterday.

"Hi there" Fly boy uttered while taking a share of the glistening bar top set before him.
"I'm married" the reply from a lone woman sipping her drink of choice through a stir straw. Now she was an attractive lass, but no means had the right to be so persnickety. After all last I check it was nothing more than a greeting to make small talk by.
"Thats good cause I have a Fianc√©e, besides all I said was Hi" Fly Boy responded.

As simple as that the conversation began and the acquaintance was made, all sitting near the bar we chatted about nothing and everything it seemed. Until the young lass had to break it off because she had to work.
"Come over by the tree and take up refuge while I work" she invited. Dumb founded the conversation continued as she had to explain to us that it wasn't and actual tree we were going to.
"Like an imaginary tree? or like a magical one?" was uttered, neither to be exact. Being in the Paris Casino, it was mocked up like the base of the Eiffel Tower, park benches, fake cobble side walks, Merchant carts, and of course Metal trees. One of these fair trees was the landmark we were set to find to see our newly acquainted friend work. Though we really didn't know what she did, but honestly didn't care because of course what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

As some in our party staggered, we found our way to what was a lounge and our Lass standing up front with a band of guys preparing to take the stage. An honest to god lounge singer had invited us to watch her, what an honor. We settled in and prepared for what turned out to be a long night of singing, dancing and antics. "This first song is dedicated to my new friends, Fly Boy and his guys" she announced, The music started and we cheered.

"I love myself; I want you to love me

When I feel down; I want you above me

I search myself; I want you to find me

I forget myself; I want you to remind me"

Blondie's I Touch My Self, the minutes had turned to hours, our group of five guys had now included a group of ladies we had befriended. One who was getting hitched that coming weekend and her friend who liked Appletini's. While Nerf Herder and Fidney wore out the dance floor reenacting the Charlie Brown Christmas dance, the rest of us were thirsty. Convincing our lovely drink server Tatiana to continue our tab on Fidney's card, Which of course included free drinks being handed out to perfect strangers walking by the lounge. 

As the night progressed, a slightly inebriated Fly Boy walked the young bride to be and her friend back to their hotel room. In his mind set Paris at night was a dangerous place, Fidney had no doubt chased some tail to the other end of the casino and as for M.S, Nerf Herder and I, we were playing a game of hide and seek. More like me trying to find the two drunks through rows of slot machines. Unknowing it at the time I was searching, N.H was being kicked by a security guard threatening to be thrown out if he didn't stay awake. I knew it was time to call it a night. Finding M.S I told him to form a conga line with me and N.H, Calling Fly Boy I had to navigate him from the Hotel portion back to the casino. This being no easy task, seeing I didn't comprehend that there was a hotel at this casino. Finally finding Fly Boy, we discussed our option and noticed the swagger of Fidney with a lady under each arm heading for the bar once more. Fly Boy headed for him to continue the night of fun, "We don't leave a man behind F.B." I shout as I lose sight of him. To my surprise from around a slot machine reappears F.B sprinting back to us. "No Man left behind, AHHHH" Fly Boy with imaginary mortars and bullets speeding by in his mind, reminiscent of any memorable War Movie. "If N.H needs to get out of here then we go" Fly boy states, "* hiccup* agreed, but what about Fidney?" M.S says. "Bro's before Hoes, He made his own bed" I say "Agreed" in unison each chimed with N.H moaning in the background.

We head off to find a taxi back to Henderson, with drunken directions to the cab driver, finally arriving at the apartment complex, I fireman carry N.H who was way to drunk to be walking his ass the 500 yards to the front door. Fly Boy and M.S in tow doing their drunk renditions of songs and dance.

Our last night in Vegas went off with out a hitch. Tomorrow we return to the city that never sleeps!

But Fidney has our tickets and he's lost in Vegas!

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie