Oct 15, 2010

Fly Boys Rant: Snooky

With the absence of the author due to medical leave, I took it upon my self to help out his Blog with a post of my own. Now Ambo Junkie is doing fine and just fighting some...well facial paralysis associated with Bells Palsy but I assure you is doing fine. So I will take it upon my self to enter the Blog world and introduce me as the character deemed as the funniest and handsomest.

I am Fly Boy, a long time partner, friend and head ache of Ambo Junkie.

So now that introductions are done, I'm gonna rant about this Snooky thing.

It would make more sense to me if this local university invited Chewbaka to their establishment.....AKA insitution of learning..... Chewbaka has more of the characteristics of someone you want to be speaking to America's future; he's loyal, trustworthy, smart and was willing to risk his life for his friends and their cause for freedom from the dark side. 

Snooky as far as I can tell has no attributes that you would want to promote and on top of that the university paid her for her appearence. 

It actually sickens me that with all the amazing people in this world a university could invite to speak on behalf of making impressions on students. They choose snooky, a drunk uneducated drama queen who makes a living out of binge drinking. 

These are the type of people americans are fascinated with. In the last several weeks President Obama has awarded three Congresional medals of honor to three American heros who gave their lives fighting in wars their country sent them to. They were all around the same age as snooky, and acomplished more in a split second then she will in her lifetime. Who gets more press? I bet over 90 % of people have no idea what the congresional medel of honor is let alone what these men did to receive it. 

Whether you agree with the wars America is, and has been fighting is something that should be debated in public and with elected officials. No one can deny that the best of America's youth have been fighting Americas wars. They carry out amazing feats of heroism and bravery all the time, they do their duty and they do it well. Thousands and thousands of amazing stories that never reach the news desk. 

Its sad that these are not the types of people americans are interested with.

I could never blog I cant put what Im thingking into writing, But I rather enjoy the ranting!

Guest Poster 
Fly Boy