Oct 25, 2010

The Manor

Through the cold dark air the melody of the hustle and bustle begins to fade as time begins to slow to a more simple pace. A stately manor illuminated in the soft flickering glow of amber lights. Casting shadows to the street below, the silhouette's of the flames weave an insightful tale only to be consumed by the night itself. A peaceful breeze has set in from the west wind, with only a faint rustling of the fall leaves speaking with undertones of sorrow and grief.

The doorway is simple, yet elegant, opened as to reveal a glimpse into the life of this most distinguished guest. Entering, the magnitude begins to set in though not a word is spoken. Pillars adorn the entry with masterpieces of the past hung inbetween, a testament to there own wealth and success not lost to those who pass. Draped in white and left as pristine as humanly possible the furniture is not for comfort rather a serene place to pull ones self together.

Up the staircase reveals the master corridor in which this story takes refuge. An elegant yet simple expanse of walls, tile, paint and closed doors is set forth. The design relays comfort and compassion though only implied and never intended. Sconce's adorn each of  the ten solid oak paneled doors. The eleventh door cracked open at the end, with the faintest of light drawing you closer.

The solitary marching boots of the changing guard echo's from down the marble hallway. The soft and methodical tik-tok of hymn's can be heard from the room. Drawing ever closer, the aroma of burning incense lingers in the air as the remnants of the dancing smoke spirits escape into the darkness and to their eternal resting place. Never knowing anything more then to innocently dance on the ever wisp of air they will never struggle with the pressures of this world.

The door opening with out hesitation to reveal the red velvet carpet adorned with rose pedals. Pedals from days past which gleamed in the warmth of a summers day, discarded now along with the thoughts of yesterday. Skirting the carpet, set two by two, stand gold pedestal's as an image of strength and set with white candles on top. Each free willed flame dancing in the chill of the air, ever unable to stand still, they toss onto themselves, breaking into itself and trying to jump off the wick but never able to leave the constraints of their simple existence.

Two by two they are set forth leading the path up to the royal chest circumscribed with the bounty of the memories of yesterday and thoughts of the tomorrows never to be. The shined Mahogany wood top half closed half open. The inside inlaid with dark blue velvet, him in his Easter's best, Peaceful, At Rest from the fight he had endured. A single rose embraced in his hands.

She stands as if carved from stone, slender, motionless and reserved. Her back to those who came before her, who were now seated and had paid their respect's. They all knew him but not like her, not this way, Not like she knew him. She had never gotten the chance to really tell him how she felt and time slipped away. She had always meant to let him know but she got caught up in the enjoyment of their interactions. A chance to tell him how much she liked him had slipped away, leaving nothing but a tear in her eye.

He had always told her with a smile that "It was only Fair-well not good bye, Because Good-bye was forever and he'd see her tomorrow" But not this time, it really was Good-bye, the boy she had fallen in love with, the boy she batted her eye's at, the boy who's sheer thought would make her smile......was gone.

Standing there in line it seemed so simple now, to have just told him how she felt. The life they'd have, the children, the memories, the happiness. Now just a distant memory laid forth in front of her. He had always been that boy she fell in love with.

She stood in front of him silent and still as to not be overcome with the emotions of the life changing event. He was handsome as she knew he would be, dressed in his best with the joyous smile gracing his lips. The guy she had felt so strongly for was now so innocently waiting for her to join him. With a kiss on his lips and  wedding bells in the background they pledged their vows to each other in this very site fifty four years ago.

She reached out to touch his hand like so many times before, to gain the comfort and assurance she truly needed. Her fingers drawn over each and every wrinkle of his skin without recognition of who she was, a cold and empty understanding lost in his past. She waited for the response that would never be returned as the fear set in of all the unknowns. Now truly alone in this world without the man who was her strength, she would now have to make the decisions alone for he could no longer help. He was only a shell, once his mind had gone, but she did her best to take care of him before she too became to old and fragile to provide for him.

As she bowed her head over her husband, the boy, the guy, the man she loved, the tears began to run. Down her cheeks through the air and onto his chest as they had for years. As she weeped she longed for his embrace to comfort her and to mend her breaking heart as he had done so many times before. She felt his strong hand, heard his assuring voice comforting her. "It was only Fair-well not good bye, Because Good-bye was forever and she'd join him tomorrow"

Bringing a smile to her face, she kissed him and uttered it was a date.