Jul 30, 2010

Chuck & Ralph

"County to Medic Four recieving reports of multiple patients reporting Vomiting and other general illness symptoms we are starting additional units and the Fire Department for a possible CO2 condition in the residence" "Medic Four copies, we are two blocks away we'll advise additional upon arrival" my partner chatters.

We see patients from 200 yards away, arriving on scene Patient One & Two are at curb side puking their metaphorical brains out. We call out "Medic Four on scene, will advise the situation" over the radio as I step out and avoid pools of stomach content all over the side walk. The first two patients in agony but breathing we quickly survey for additional bodies. My eyes sweeping the area I catch movement inside the front door, I advance as the faint sounds in the distance of help can be heard. I bend down unsure of the nature of the environment and upon arrival to the door way I am presented with patients three, four, five, and six. They are all inside the front door in what appears to be a common living quarters. All of them also spewing out every last bit of stomach contents they had, though these chaps were all civilized and using various forms of buckets. "If your able to exit this building and come outside" I yell over the sound of the arriving cavalry. All four stand and walk towards the door. "Are there any others in the house other than the four?" I over hear my partner asking patient one and two. They point to the fenced in side yard where I now turn and head, getting to the gate I go to unlatch hearing:

"I think the Clams were bad Charles!" 
"Oh my! Don't even say that word, it'll make me sick again Raphael"
"Why did you have to cheap out on the seafood of all things Charles"

"County from Medic Four, Be advise we have eight patients all out of the residence this appears it could be food related. You can down grade all remaining medic's response to non" I chatter as I direct the two remaining patients out front. The Fire department pack's up as I tell the lieutenant of the possible food illness of all the patients. My partner has all but the last two triage'd and handing them off to various rigs. I direct Charles and Raphael to our rig and sit them down. Assessing them and listenting to the story I hear of a fun get together amoungst friends and them sharing steamed clams and telling of days past. All only to be strickened by food poisoning a few hours later.

Only as I return to service do I realize that This would be a humorous story realizing my Patients names were Chuck and Ralph!

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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