Jul 10, 2010


The argument, as with so many, began out of complete nonsense and often over looked the crowning of a legitimate winner. These arguments would begin in the early morning and last most of our shift, often forgetting the original reason we were bickering. Fly Boy and I would so often find ourselves debating such things as the best color for the sheer enjoyment of arguing. Knowing that it is was truly a matter of opinion we would shout off meaningless facts in order to convince the other our side was the best.
"I'm just saying that if zombies did attack, a bag full of guns is far much better at defending your self" Fly Boy would say. "are you kidding me! Reloading would leave you vulnerable and open for an attack" I would counter
While amidst a heated debate we fell into a stalemate neither of us budging. Both of us refusing to back down from this particular debate we had to change means of persuasion, and that would result in the most dangerous move ever to occur in a moving vehicle.

I started with my typical means of threatening to kick Fly Boy out of the rig on the highway countered with Fly Boy grabbing the steering wheel and telling me he would put us in the median unless I agreed. Well what better to counter his attack then unbuckle his seat belt and state "you feeling lucky with taking it into the median being unbuckled?" Then with out warning Fly Boy reached over and grabbed my hooded sweatshirt pulling it over my head. As if in the NHL, Fly Boy Jersey'd me in the middle of the highway with no hesitation.
"WTF is this!?!? Are you retarded?" I yell out. "I didn't feel I had much of an option" Fly Boy replies. In order to counter his alpha male attempts of convincing I yell "This is the way its going to be?" and slam on the Gas pedal. "Oh My God" Fly boy screams laughingly. Being surrounded by darkness and speeding away I begin to laugh pulling the hood off my eyes. "Is this what you'd do if Zombies attacked?" I say as we pull off the exit. "Why did you accelerate? we could have crashed?" Fly Boy yells, I turn my head and smile replying "But we didn't, did we?" "ok, ok, Your crazy enough that if Zombies attack I'd be in your fox hole guns or no guns" Fly Boy states while trying to calm his shaking nerves. I smirked knowing I won this argument.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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