Jul 27, 2010

"The Kings of EMS"

A list I found posted at the station house that pays tribute to a piece of history.

Top Ten reasons Johhny and Roy are "The Kings of EMS"

10) All of their patients lived happily ever after.

9) No One ever puked three 40's of malt liquor all over their shoes.

8) They Never went anywhere, even into the hospital, without their goofy fire helmets.

7) Only Johnny and Roy could get a call for a naked babe in the bathtub (with her toe caught in the spout) and not get aroused.

6) They always got all of their IV's on the first shot, even on a 104 year-old blue hair with no veins.


4) Who else could say "Hey Doc, he needs a shot" and actually get an order for 10mg of MS?

3) They survived all of Chett's fire house cooking.

2) They never had to do a fourth floor carry-down.

...and the number one reason why Johnny and Roy are "The Kings of EMS":

1) The way they could always cath the light just right and make a little rainbow when they were flushing a syringe for a medication administration.

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