Jul 13, 2010

Stop and Listen

The first call of the night went smoothly, and I find myself in the Emergency Room cleaning my stretcher. I begin to listen to the sounds around me and become very enthralled by them. Listening to my personal orchestra I take a moment to enjoy the smallest of pleasures.

Swoosh swoosh of my hand wiping down my stretcher, I listen as a doctors introduction gets drowned out as a passer by talking on her cell with an angelic southern draw "Hello, I'm Doctor..." "Ya, so I ain't to shur but I reckon he'll be admitted" Trailing off as she walks down the hall. "This is the stethoscope and it goes here on your chest to listen to your lungs" the doctor tells his young patient. Click Clack, Click Clack, Click Clack, As Miss registration walks down the hall giving me a sweet hello smile. Beeeep, Beeeep, Beeeep, Beeeep of a patients monitor alarm telling the staff of problematic vital signs. Squeak-squeak-Squeeeak, swoosh woosh woosh woosh woosh the trailing off of the passing environmental services cart wheeling by and the sound of sticking shoes from the cleaner walking behind.

"Hey Boy" says one of my favorite nurses, "How are you stranger" "Hey girl, I'm good, what are you doing on still?" I ask "I'm here till 1900" She says in passing. Click-Clack Click-Clack, as Miss Registration passes by while returning to her station. Ping as my phone receives a text, "Hi, I'm from radiology. I'll be taking you for an X-ray" Says a tech "Excuse me, Nurse" a patient yells out, "OK, so the CT scan came back negative..." states doctor to a nurse. "Room 12 Fire" says a Nurse to the Fire Ambulance Medics.

The singularity of the voices begin to muffle together and build on top of each other. One drowning out the next, becoming an indistinguishable chatter perpetually becoming louder and louder. Then a sudden silence as I slip into my thoughts and think of the perfect blog post for the day. Realizing the the irony of this moment I smirk and just like that the silence is broken. Ring Ring Ring of the nurses station phone, "Med control from Medic 13" the radio chirps "Doctor Strong to Level two North, Doctor strong to Level two north" the over head speaker alerts. The hustle returns to life in the E.R. and I go about dressing my stretcher having enjoyed my little moment of observation.

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