Jul 7, 2010

His plan

The rig sways side to side and the ever harmonic rhythm of the road bumps lull the patient to sleep. The dim burn of the fleeing highway lights as we exit from humanity into the dark all consuming night. The rural road with no help in sight is an eerily motionless place. A glow resonated from the rigs dashboard the only continual light source. Our head lights barely lighting an area before we catch up to them. My eyes Pier through the darkness at the solid mass of which is my patient, the only movements of his road induced slumber are an occasional arm twitch. Deep inside I know he could be preparing to make his move, to throw off the belts and head for the doors. Accomplishing his plan, his escape from the troubles. But for the time he lays still and I lay in wait. This would not have been the first try a patient has made, nor the first success. I must stay vigilant in the dark, I will not let it happen again.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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