Jul 6, 2010

He got me good!

Tonight I asked one of the medics to help me out by getting his truck mileage and service mileage for my weekly report. As I filled out the email report, I realized I was still waiting for him to bring in his numbers. I scratched my head and wondered where he was. The door opens and in comes the medic with his sticky note, "get lost" I asked, "ha ya something like that" he replied. As I glance at the sticky note I take notice that its not what I was expecting:

The note read

Medic Two Six

Service at Thirty Three Thousand One Hundred Eighty Four.

Current Mileage: Thirty three thousand eight hundred eighty five.

Now it may not seem as comical now but the fact he spent so much time writing out every number is truly priceless.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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