Feb 19, 2011

Can you tell me where these go?

Sitting around the station I was reminded of a great story that was encountered in a foreign hospital on a rare bring home transfer. Stubs and my self had traveled two and a half hours to get to the sending facility, which we have dropped off to before. Its a hospital that dwarfs our three local shops combined, but of course its a level one Trauma center, Burn center, a Pediatric center, Cancer specialist, Heart specialist, and they even have a few actual Tim Horton/Dunkin Donut shops and a Cold Stone Creamery in house.

So with a hospital this big its easy to get lost, infact its real easy to get lost. They employ St. Benards to rome the halls in search for lost visitors. Information kioask every thousand yards to keep folks on track, and its highly suggested you travel in groups larger than three as a standard safety procedure. Colored lines stripe the corridor floors to lead you to the associated unit, whether it be Blue for the lab, Red for the ER, Green for Oncology, Black for Radiology or even White with blue polka dots for Cold Stone.

We had a general idea of where we were heading and with stretcher in tow we headed in for our adventure. Waiting for an elevator we gazed upon a very lost and confused young lady, looking lost but to proud to admit it. Looking at the signs she tried to decipher where she was in terms of where she needed to be. Finally asking for help she gave the closest guy a chance with no luck, but behold her savior was about to make him self known.

A lonely deaf gentleman, standing in the wings who had always wanted to be a knight in shining armor saw his chance. He approached this lovely young lady and began trying to help, but unfortunately he was no better than the lot of the folks standing at this busy intersection of the hospital. He led her down one corridor than back and around a corner and back, the whole time explaining how he was a nice guy or still lived with his mother. He finally admitted that he wasn't really sure where she was looking for, whether he didn't understand her fully due to his hearing impairment or just had no clue how to take her to where she was looking we may never know.

Finally going to and from the various locations with her escort the young lady finally asked the question, "where do these Elevators go?" he replied simply "They go Up and Down"

Stubs and I lock eyes and grin, as the elevator doors open and quickly slip in to escape before we cracked up in laughter. As we turned to hit the button for the ninth floor we were surprised to hear the young lady ask us to hit the fifth floor knob. Our joy would have to wait I thought as the doors closed and it began to go up a floor, "Oh No!" the young lady let out "I was hoping for the elevator that goes left to right." As she turned and grinned we reached the fifth floor, and with that she departed. Leaving those remaining in the elevator all with ear to ear smiles.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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