Feb 24, 2011

Food for thought: L&D

Here's a question for you; Upon pulling into the ambulance parking space at the hospital with an active MI that you will be going straight to the Cath lab (a person having a heart attack going to the procedure table, for the lay people) would you take off the defibrillator pads, the electrodes and discontinue any IV's you had established? I mean figuring that your at the hospital and even though you had to go up a few stories in the building to get to the Cath lab you were already in the hospital, so everything is ok and the patient cant obviously get any worse on you. Right?

So than why is it that same mentality is applied to OB calls? Why is it so common place to forget to take the OB kit with us into the hospital when we take the patient in active labor to L&D?

The last place I'd want to play catch is in an elevator with no mitts!

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  1. Hmmm...Sounds like a conversation we had the other day. Here is a link to the article that we were looking at. http://www.azcentral.com/offbeat/articles/2011/02/22/20110222kansas-mom-gives-birth-in-elevator.html

  2. hmmm...It does sound like that huh? What an odd similarity. So I felt it good enough to share!