Feb 15, 2011

I'm out of places to look.

I give up! I am through, its impossible and I admit defeat! I am not a quitter but damn it I'm finished. I have searched all over and am out of places left to look for it. Impossible to rationalize that there are only so many places to look, and yet each and every one of them has yielded no success. 

Its only four rooms, all the cabinets are locked up, the stair ways are blocked off and the closets closed. No Open windows or doors and no holes in the floors or walls. Every last conceivable location looked over with a fine tooth comb.

 Still no success!

The only one who possibly knows where the object of my affection may be isn't talking. Or at least isn't talking in any rational form, rather just babbling along. Sure he has the dexterity to hold and "throw" but not the stature to place it atop any object. So its hard to imagine where he has put it.

I have to admit my little man has bested me at hiding the remote control,
8 weekends in a row!


  1. I always find mine in the toybox! I feel your pain!

  2. I think it is quite frustrated that you can't find it anywhere, I sometimes have this problem as well. Thanks for sharing.