Feb 23, 2011

I try not to be Political

I'm not claiming I know everything thats going on, and I don't expect you to agree, but 

You know what grinds my gears? Wisconsin

I try not to be involved in politics, because the system is broken and it wont make a bit of difference who is in charge until we fix the system. With that being said, I have to say how disgusted I am in Wisconsin and their strife. I mean we all need to take a stand with them! These public employees are being asked to pay for a whopping 20% of health care premiums, that with instituting radical ideology of merit based pay! How dare they! I mean why reward only the ones who work hard? Rather they must continue to pay everyone the same regardless of how much or how little work they do, after all thats only fair.

Ok a little sarcasm there, but I don't feel your strife folks. I'm not sorry you have a great retirement and haven't had to pay your fair share of health benefits.  Why don't I feel your struggle? When I began my career, there was no retirement plan in place, fortunately now there is and I feel lucky to have one. The cost of private sector health care is paid for completely by those who own the insurance. I know, crazy 100% of the cost of health insurance is paid for by the employee. Did I mention that the cost of private health care for a small business is also through the roof? I'm sorry your being asked to suffer a burden by paying 20% of the cost, but frankly you have a job and have never cried over being paid to much.

I also don't agree that your job performance isn't based on how hard you work. I believe that the harder you work the more productive you are. The more productive you are the more productive the company is. The more productive the company is, the more revenue it will generate. Thus (theoretically) the better they compensate those who were productive.

Welcome to the new America, gas is $4+, health care is expensive, Taxes are astronomical, Unemployment is record breaking and the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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