Feb 14, 2011

Ambulance Hi-Jinx

As I sit behind my laptop and ponder, I am drawn constantly to reminiscing pranks that have been pulled over the years in this station. The pranks that have been lengthy and the ones that happen so fast a blink of an eye would miss it. Here are a few of my favorites, though I don't recommend doing them (which absolves me from liability right?)

Never fall asleep in my passenger seat when returning from an out of town transfer, you'll pay!

The set up is simple, once my partner dozes off, take the first rest stop I find and with careful placement of the rig behind a parked tractor trailer, I place the rig in park. Hold on tight to the steering wheel while shaking your arms as if slamming on the brakes, immatating the steering wheel shake. Begin to scream at the top of you lungs "Oh God! Hold On!" etc. By this time the partner awakes in a dead panic, turn your head at the partner and continue screaming. "Ahhh!!! OH NO!!" Partner seeing the tractor trailer directly in front of the rig grabs onto the dash board and began screaming at the top of his lungs at the idea of our implied impending demise.

Hiding in shower stall to scare Nerf Herder when he went to change at end of shift.

I patiently waited thirty minutes while NH played on the computer after he clocked out. Even being given candy by my dispatcher to sustain the wait. NH entered the rest room and he closed the door, holding my breath as to not give my self away. As he turned unsuspectingly towards the mirror, I sprang my surprise on this unknowing victim. Pulling back the shower curtain and yelling surprise. NH stumbled back against the wall looking like a cat being starttled, his back hunched and conforming his fingers like cat claws to defend himself. The sheer look of terror in his eyes as he was completly startled. I ran out of the rest room with the door slamming behing me. Extensive cursing from behind the closed door was quickly drowned out but the laughter from the crew room and dispatch who had all been in on the prank. To this day Nerf Herder wont go into the rest room with out checking out the shower stall.

Good old pranks, theres just something I enjoy about them, mainly the terror which is involved from the recipient.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie