Feb 28, 2011

Good Bye Old Friend

We've been together for so long it seems, since before I lived on my own. I can still remember the day I meet you. All the fond memories I have with you, the things we have shared, the nights we spent together keeping each other company. 


Laughing through the good times, Crying at the losses we have had, and always willing to share the ever changing world events knowing we have seen history together. All of that has been amazing to know I have someone out there that has always been there for me. You my friend have stimulated my sense of exploration along with my ever need for comedic relief. Even from the times we seemed to grow apart, with my job and my growing relationship with the girl, we always knew we'd stay together through it all. 

----Click-----      -----Click-----

Ugh.....I told you from the start that even with me moving on to the new unknowns you'd be there through it all. I didn't lie, you where there when I moved out of my folks. You were there when we got our own place, and than when we had a home. You were their when my son was born, and I figured you'd be there for the rest of life. Lately though I feel that its less and less a sure thing, you seem to be loosing the battle within and I'm not sure how much more I can take this with our friendship.

----Click-----   ----Click-----   ----Click-----   -----Click-----

Come on!....Frankly you've become very unreliable lately and being as busy as I am with life you seem less of a good fit. It'd be different if I felt you were trying but you take the longest time to get yourself going and your always blacking out. I don't have time for these shenanigans, I don't have time to wait, you ever try waiting around with an infant? 

I'm sorry TV but you're being replaced.

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