Feb 8, 2011

Turtle the House Cat

As I sit on my perch watching my kingdom, I hear the roar of the invasion party. The frigid night breeze through my fur, I peer over the edge and spy on these would be attackers. A simple group of men and their iron horse adorned with light to pierce through the night. The snow crumbles from under my paws and I fear they may have taken notice of me so I slip into the shadows and begin to plan my ambush. They advance in a hurry with hands full of weapons and make their way past any obstacle I have set forth. Not even the largest of snow berms slow them down. Up the stairs of my tower I flee, heading for the top to wage what may be my final battle. They continue to pursue me up the tower, not even slowing for the dark corridor laden with the pits and holes in the floor. They advance past the ice covered climb to the second floor and through the tricycle barrier. Hot on my tail, I claw my way into the inner sanctum of the tower's third floor, surly they can not follow. The door will hold them out allowing me to regroup and ready my counter attack. Catching my breath I feel surrounded and not yet ready for the impending strike. Through the door they enter and I quickly retreat under the camouflage of canvas and wood. They move in slowly talking in their strange language, they have not noticed me and are attending to one of their kind laying atop my position. Assured they have not noticed me I debate my move, lay in wait or use my position to strike fear in them. My back begins to rise, as I hold my ground I am poised to attack waiting my perfect opportunity. One member leaves back to the Iron horse outside no doubt, to bring heavier seige equipment. This is my chance one man already down from my earlier attack I must not waste this oppertunity! For I am Turtle, The House Cat! AHHH!!!!

"Well Hello there Kitty" I say as the feline's paw bat at my boot three consecutive times, then darts out from under the bed. The Home owner chuckles "Thats Turtle" she musters in her raspy voice, while my partner English returns with the stair chair we continue on our task. Never the wiser to the world of Turtle the House cat.

Be Safe
Ambulance Junkie

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  1. That was awesome!!!!!loved the way you switched it up. you are talented